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Freedom from clothing distractions so you can show up confidently and consistently for your business and your clients.


You know you should show up, but...

It is that time of the week to get on a zoom call with your client. They tell you to post weekly and today is the day. You know you should do that FB live for your people, but…

You’ve got nothing to wear. You’ve tried subscription boxes. You’ve even done those lame ass quizzes comparing your body to a piece of fruit. 

You know you should show up more, but you aren’t because you don’t feel stylish. Your lack of style is a drain on your confidence. Time to stop telling yourself what you should do and take some action.

“I really benefited from the spark lit about my style and the awareness I now have. It was hard and fun at the same time. It was exactly what I needed.” Joni H, past client 2020.

So what do you do instead?

YOU HIDE. You refuse to do video. You don’t get professional pictures for your website. You are confident in your coaching skills, but that is not reflected in how you dress or show up as the face of your business.

You tell yourself you just don’t have an eye for style. You hate shopping. You’ve tried a bunch of things, but keep ending up back at square one. You are missing two key ingredients.

1. You lack style.

2. You lack confidence.

You need Style Confidence. 

I can help you.


"I have some new go to outfits for Zoom call, for heading out, and when I'm off camera at home, as well as new routines for shopping and getting ready." Rebecca W., past client 2020

What is Style Confidence?

It is the confidence you get when you have no clothing distractions and are unafraid to show up for your business and your clients. How do you get it? A style makeover.

You need a style confidence makeover. Pronto.


Style Confidence Makeover

Defining your personal style, determines your positioning as a coach. It guides your business' brand. Your clients need consistency across the board. We will define your personal, coaching, and business style.
When you have defined styles, you show up confidently and consistently.

Confident Action in YOUR BUSINESS

When you show up consistently with a defined Style, you can expect clarity and focus. You will no longer be distracted by how you look. You will have the confidence to show up on social, in video, and for live events. You will also be ready to do that much needed photo shoot.

Leads to More like, know, & trust

When you have Style Confidence and no clothing distractions, you show up more consistently. Showing up is 99% of business and marketing. Consistent action results in like, know, and trust. Like, know , and trust is why clients buy from you. It is how we make more money as coaches.

You want your clients to like, know, and trust you.
You need to show up confidently and consistently so they can get to know you, trust you, and eventually like and love you.
When you hide because you've got nothing to wear, the like, know, and trust connection never happen. You're failing ahead of time. -Miss J

No more failing ahead of time.
Now, we take action!

We will eliminate the excuse that you have nothing to wear. We will banish the boredom with how you have been showing up. Last, we will ensure everything looks consistent across your brand. I have four step process to guide you each step of the way.


I have a four step process that will help you lock down your Personal Style, Coaching Style, and Business Style, then create a Confident Action Plan that has a purpose.

Think of your business style and branding as your house. Your personal style is how you dress to the party. Your coaching style is what kind of host you will be. We need your personal style well-defined because it informs the rest.

We will eliminate the “I have nothing to wear” and “I hate shopping” reasons for not showing up looking professional and put together for your clients.

  • We will define your unique personal style and create a personal style statement
  • You will get a personal style lookbook tailored to you after the retreat. (See more details below)
  • You will know what your personal style is, where and how to shop, and how to solve basic fitting issues.
  • Style can become effortless and easy. It will no longer be a distraction.

Imagine the fabulous house (your business) that we are building and decorating. You are the hostess with the most-est. You greet your clients to the party. What kind of a party are we having? Informal or formal? Brunch, cocktail hour, black-tie dinner party? We don’t know unless we determine your coaching style, or your party hostess style. 

I will show you how your personal style interplays with your coaching style, also called your positioning. 

  • We will determine your positioning, or coaching style.
  • We will discus how your coaching style informs the kind of voice you use when creating content and the type of content you are creating.
  • When it is time to create your confident action plan, you’ll have more clarity than ever.

Each module builds upon the other. Once you know your personal style, you can determine your coaching style, which informs your business’ style, or branding.

  • We will determine what brand elements you are missing
  • Learn how fonts, colors, and marks tell your client what kind of a business you have and the type of party you are throwing.
  • Why these are important to define before you create posts for social media.

Now that we know the your personal, coaching, and business styles, we can get to work creating a confident action plan. The first three modules are all about HOW you show up aesthetically. This last module is about HOW you show up internally. We take action from our feelings. The prettiest fonts, clothes, and pins on pinterest will not matter if your mindset is not stylish. We need stylish and confident thoughts to inform our confident actions.

  • I will teach you how to cultivate confidence
  • I will teach you how to show up more consistently
  • How confidence and consistency create the like, know, and trust factor for your clients
  • How to put your alter ego, future self, and inner mean girl to work for you instead of against you. They are the rag tag team you’ve always needed and wanted. 
  • Checklists, worksheets, and planners so you know exactly what you will do next.


  • I give you specific store, brand, and clothing recommendations.
  • I help you know exactly what to look for, how to find it, and where to shop.
  • Your personal style statement, stylish thoughts, and continuing style education are also included.
Retreat participants will get the lookbook within 1 week after the virtual retreat. 

What past clients have said...


  • $997
  • 6 hours of coaching in a small group exclusive setting.
  • Pre-work before our Virtual Retreat day so we can hit the ground running. 
  • A full workbook to help compliment and keep track of the work we do. 
  • Individual Modules on:
    • Defining Your Personal Style
    • Defining Your Coaching Style or Positioning
    • Defining Your Business Style or Branding
    • Confident Action Plan
  • After our retreat, you will get a personal lookbook with a clear plan of where you go from here. I’ve got you boo.