Are you a high-achieving woman?

We are opening up a new program for high-achieving women who have figured out their careers, but not their closets.

The 8 week Style Services & Coaching Program  is opening in July
We created something special for high-achieving women because we know how it feels to wash your hands, look up, and think “what the hell am I wearing? Did I really run around all day looking like this?”
When you are crazy busy doing your work in the world, it is hard to find the time to get ready and dressed. Showering is about the best you can muster before you take your coffee to-go. Then you get to work and throw on your white coat, lab coat, blazer, or work from home cardigan and get down to business.
This used to be just fine, but you’re starting to feel frumpy and you know you appear less confident than you really feel on the inside. You’re ready for your outsides to match how you feel on the inside. You’ve got the work part covered, let us help you sort out your closet so you can get back to business feeling comfortable & confident.
If this resonates, get on the waitlist.


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