Love & Dress
The Body You Are In

Can I get an AMEN if...

  • Your clothes don’t fit, but you have so much stuff in your closet.
  • You’ve tried dieting and extra spanx to feel stylish & confident, but no amount of shoving protein down your throat made you feel better about yourself.
  • You’re tired of comparing your body to fruit or elementary school shapes & being given a list of what you “cannot wear.”
  • You F*cking Hate Shopping. 
  • You feel so incredibly frustrated with yourself and the whole style thing.
  • You want a guide specifically tailored to curvy women to tell you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO SHOP, & HOW TO SHOW UP so you can finally feel like your outsides match how you feel on the inside.

If this sounds familiar and you're shouting "preach," then you're in the right place. I've got you boo.

Here’s the one thing I need you to know boo. The way you’ve been thinking and feeling about yourself has nothing to do with you. When you are living on the plus side of life, you get a million daily messages from the socials (and even from your mama). Everyone wants to weigh in on how much you are supposed to weigh and what you’re allowed to wear. Add to that being a woman, and all of the messages about what it means to be “feminine” and “ladylike.”

It is not your fault that you have been feeling the frumps. There is 100% a better way & not a damn thing has to change about the size, shape, or weight of your body.

Judith Gaton Style Coach and Life Coach

It's about damn time...

It’s about damn time that your outsides match your insides. You feel like a boss when it comes to the work you do. It is time for the way you feel on the inside to be reflected on the outside. Imagine what it will feel like when you’re feeling oh, so stylish owning the conference room, Zoom room, or any room chin up, head high, tits up, ready to conquer & slay!

I know I know...You've
Tried it all before and want to know what's different this time?

You’re ready to look stylish & get confident, but you’ve got a lot of questions!

“Should I lose all of my weight first?”

“If I buy clothes at this size, am I giving up?”

“Am I wasting money to style myself at a size I don’t want to be?’

I get these questions all of the time. Lemme ask you this… Do the women you admire or follow in your fab Pinterest life actually look like you? I know you may think following Blake Lively or another stylish guru is the key.  You look at the skinny broads and conclude the size, weight, and shape of your body are the problems to be solved. 


Your body is not a problem to be solved. An 80s/90s movie makeover montage is not how real makeovers go down. You are not an ugly duckling who emerges from the dustbin after she’s lost some weight. 

You don’t have to do a damn thing to your body. You can feel stylish and confident just as you are right now. No movie montages or fairy godmother’s required. 

I’m not your fairy godmother, but oooo girl… Miss J is your professor of glam & elegance. I have the makeover process to help you dress and love the body you are in right now.

Hi, I'm Miss J!

I help curvy women love & dress the body they are in.

Hi I’m Miss J and I’m obsessed with helping women look stylish and feel confident!

I used to be on the getting ready struggle bus every morning. I went through law school, passed the bar exam, and did everything I was supposed to do. One day, I was getting ready for an important job interview only to realize none of my clothes fit. “My good black pants” were way too fucking tight. I had to make a quick Target run, followed by a trip to Lane Bryant, only to worry that I wouldn’t have enough money to buy some “good pants.”

I took a good look at my body and my clothes and thought WTF? Seriously, WTF? I had worked so hard and spent so much money on my brain, but was running around looking a hot mess. I knew some shit had to change and FAST. I tried diets and spanx. I told myself I could buy new clothes once I lost the weight. Welp, that shit didn’t work. I gained more weight and felt worse. 

I decided something had to change, but it didn’t have to be my body. I could dress and love the body I had now. 

I didn’t start with a whole new wardrobe. (Remember law school?) I was broke as a joke. But I did start with a bra, then some undies, and built a wardrobe one item a time. 

I created this program because too many badass women experience the same damn thing. It’s time to start a revolution. A world where curvy lady bosses are free to dress the body they have now. No more holding your future hostage to weight loss. You are now free to move on with the important shit you were put on this earth to do.


This is not your mama's makeover story.
You can learn to love and dress the body you're in.

Every curvy woman deserves to show up fully in all of her bodacious glory.

Real Women. Real Results.

AMY P. Says...

Miss J is so much more than a purveyor of fashion tips. She is an advocate, a safe place, & a genius coach who helped me find the confidence to create & live life on my own terms.

I discovered that changing the way I think about little things can make a big difference in my daily life. Example: my bra! I am in charge of my style.
Karine H
Miss J's tools helped me move forward. Help me move from my frumpy sweats and free T-shirts to an amazing, stylish even chic wardrobe that accentuates what is uniquely me. She did all of it with kindness, grace, humor and just the right amount of tough love when I needed it.
Krystal S.
I have also always HATED shopping. It didn't matter if I was buying a t-shirt or my wedding dress. My thoughts about the experience were painful and always left me feeling terrible. I would do anything to get out of shopping for myself. After coaching with Miss J, My thoughts about shopping have changed. I can now go into stores and know exactly what I am looking for. If the stores don't carry my size, that is a store problem, not my body problem. I was stuck for years wearing clothes that didn't fit properly, that weren't even my style, and didn't reflect who I am. After coaching with Miss J. I can now say, that for the first time ever, I have clothes that are a reflection of who I am. Let Miss J Glow you up! You will not be disappointed!
Carrie M.

I discovered, I don't need to see the world in black and white all the time. A little grey goes a long way. I appreciated the slack coaching in between weekly calls. I really benefited from the space you gave me to feel my emotions, the spark lit about my style and the awareness I now have. Yes, it was fun and hard at the same time. It was exactly what I needed.

Joni H

Judith has been amazing in helping me build confidence and acceptance of my body before, during, and after pregnancy. With her help, I've developed a post-baby style that goes beyond basic and has me feeling confident. Judith is so great at shining a light on the thought patterns holding us back and helping me find a way forward that works for me. Her wisdom and realness make getting coaching fun.
Sherelle J


As soon as I'd wake up I'd go straight to work without getting ready. I work from home so I felt like I didn't have to get dressed. Like it was a waste of time. I didn't really think it mattered much. What really struck a cord was when Judith said "How you show up in the world, whether or not anyone sees you, is a reflection of how you're feeling on the inside.
Dee Dee Ballesteros
Judith, aka Miss J, is the real deal! She is down-to-earth and so much fun to work with. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to find something to wear for my photo shoot because, honestly, I HATE clothes. Miss J helped me find MULTIPLE items that I loved. Her coaching also helped me wear these items with confidence. My photos came out amazing and I have Miss J to thank. We are already discussing working together for my photo shoot in a few months! Working with Miss J was worth every last penny!
Ana L.

The Before and After...

Before Style Masterclass

  • You look in the mirror around 3pm and think WTF? Frumpy doesn’t even begin to cover how you feel.
  • You try on everything in your closet, even the items on the floor, but nothing fits.
  • You get physically hot & frustrated trying on clothes that are too tight. (Ever need to sit in front of a fan while you wiggle that ass into spanx?)
  • You have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit and you secretly hate.

After Style Masterclass

  • You look in the mirror, recognize and love the woman staring back at you.
  • Not only do your clothes fit your body, they also fit your personal style and lifestyle.
  • You spend less on clothes because you know what you love and where to find it.
  • You are able to get dressed in less time with no drama.
  • You are able to set it and forget it. Get dressed and get to work on the important shit you have to do.


My exclusive eight week total makeover program. This is not your mama's makeover show. I help women own their curves and own the room. I teach them to show up with confidence so they can conquer and slay their work in the world. Why? Because confident women change the world.

First we have to know what you don’t want in order to make space for what you do.

  • Closet Cleanout: You will edit out your undies drawer and closet. You will learn the fundamentals and the foundation for style.
  • Mindset Cleanout: You will learn to edit out any janky thoughts that are keeping you feeling frumpy.
  • Learn what really has been holding you back from showing up stylish, confident. We don’t just slap cute outfits on you without first cleaning up your thoughts and closet.

Second, we have to know what you DO want, how you want to dress, and how you want to feel for the transformation to really take hold. Anyone can help you clean out your closet. We take it to the next level. We design a Style and Live you love.

Style is so much more than the clothes you wear.

  • We will define your unique personal style and create a personal style statement
  • You will get a personal style guide tailored to you after our time together. So you have continued guidance after the 8 weeks.
  • You will know what your personal style is, where and how to shop, and how to solve basic fitting issues. Style can become effortless and easy. 

Each module builds upon the other. Once you know your personal style and what you DO want, then we talk about how to create a life and style you love. 

  • How to create an intelligent shopping plan so you are never without guidance.
  • Learn how to go shopping without wanting to stab yourself in the eye.
  • Get tools on how to create endless outfits, think like a stylist, and never get bored with your closet again.


Getting Ready Like a Boss Course

This bonus course helps you up-level your beauty and getting ready routines. No need to overhaul your entire life. This bonus includes an audio course, workbook, and podcast episodes to keep you encouraged day and night. This could be an entire course all on its own. The bonus is available to Style Masterclass students only.

Write Your Own Shero Story

This workbook helps you rewrite your story and casts you in the role as Shero. It will teach you to name and develop your own alter ego, and put your super powers to use when you need them most. No more letting the Inner Mean Girl run the show. The bonus is available to Style Masterclass and Modern Charm School students only.

Don't trip. I've got you every step of the way. Miss J is here for each step of the makeover process...

You’ll get:

  • Complete Style Masterclass Workbook. The workbook is all of my best tools. It contains weekly lessons, tracking worksheets, and daily journal prompts that compliment the work we do. And a few bonus programs that are top secret to style students!
  • Weekly LIVE coaching. I don’t just drop you with a workbook for self direction. You get a weekly coaching session, 8 Sessions total, where we alternate each week with teaching you tools and the next week a coaching session to cement what you learned and practiced all week.
  • Slack Support. You have access to me M-F for any style emergency or confidence conundrum.

Style Masterclass is completely online. Virtual styling & coaching for modern women.

From California to New York to South Africa… 

You can do the program from home, anywhere in the world, and on your schedule. As long as you have an Internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private slack channel. 

I'm a busy woman.
How much time will this take?

The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. The entire program takes 8 weeks total, including our weekly coaching call. Most of our students set aside about 15-20 minutes each day to complete the daily assignments.

There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because your workbook will always be yours! Remember, this isn’t a “quick fix” by any means.

We recommend you set aside 1-2 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments

There is no better time to get started than now.

Life is not waiting. Things are not slowing down. There will always be work events and vacations you are taking. You deserve to show up as your best self for any place you go. 

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Stop holding your body hostage to some “ideal body” size or weight
  • Love and dress the body you have right now
  • Spend less money on clothes by creating a small but mighty wardrobe you actually love and will wear
  • Look Stylish and put together so you can attract clients and business
  • Feel Confident so you can conquer and slay at whatever work you have to do in the world

Eight weeks from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

How do I know if I am ready to take this program?

You are ready for Style Masterclass if:

  • You are willing to do the daily/weekly mindset and closet cleanout work.
  • You want to learn your personal style and uplevel your wardrobe.
  • You enjoy being coached and investing in yourself.
  •  You keep telling yourself you can buy clothes when you’ve lost the weight.

You are NOT ready for Style Masterclass if:

  • You are unwilling to learn new skills or do the work.
  • You don’t enjoy being coached.
  • You aren’t open to trying new brands or styles.
  • You are not ready to love and dress the body you have right now.

Your size, body, and shape are perfect just as they are right now.


Confident women change the world.
I teach women to look stylish and feel confident so they can show up ready to fulfill their purpose.

You've got two choices...

You can keep trying diets, extra spanx, and try to figure this all out on your own.


You could learn my three step process for a complete makeover, build a wardrobe you love, look stylish, feel confident, and show up ready to conquer. 

Olivia Pope never turned up to work frumpy. 

Beyonce doesn’t take the stage in clothes that don’t fit.

Think about where you could be just eight weeks from now?

Your makeover story starts now.

You can do Style Masterclass even if you are busy & don't have it all figured out yet.

I don't have time to add another thing to my schedule.

During Style Masterclass you will learn time saving tools for getting ready. You will free up extra mental space and energy that would have been otherwise spent picking wedgies or trying on a bunch of too tight clothes.

I want to lose weight before I get started.

Getting stylish and confident is not dependent upon your body size. You can look stylish and feel confident at the size and weight you are right now. Don’t delay feeling fabulous. Don’t hold your body hostage. Get started today.

I don't want to spend a bunch of money.

Style Masterclass will help you save money on your wardrobe. Think of all the unworn items in your closet. You will no longer be buying items you hate simply because they are on sale. I will teach you to shop intelligently and on budget.


Will I have to dress like Miss J?

NO! I teach each of my clients to find their unique personal style. Each person’s style will be different. I teach you the tools to uncover and define what personal style looks like and means to you.

How will you determine my personal style?

I have worked with dozens of clients and coaches. I’ve got tools, tips, and tricks so you will walk away with a defined style. (Don’t worry I won’t be comparing you to fruit shapes or hourglasses.)

What if I hate shopping?

No worries! You don’t have to love shopping to do Style Masterclass. I will provide you with specific recommendations on what to look for, how to find it, and where to shop. 

Does having good style mean I need to drop a pile of money on a new wardrobe?

Nope. In fact, I recommend my clients build a wardrobe they love one item at a time. We first assess what you have and fill in gaps. No running out dropping a wad of cash on a new wardrobe.

Can I look professional and still be comfortable?

YES! Absolutely. In fact, I believe it is hard to show up as your best self and as the best coach, when you are uncomfortable in your clothes. Discomfort is a distraction from the work you were put on this earth to do. I help clients dress professionally and comfortably while staying true to their unique personal style.

Are there any other costs besides enrollment?

Yes, whatever clothing, beauty, shape wear, etc items you decide to purchase are not included in your course enrollment. Your clothing budget is up to you. I do recommend my students build a wardrobe they love one item at a time. I equip them with tools so that even after our time together they know how to select items that fit their style and budget.

Do I get support or access to you?

Yes, I don’t just give you a workbook and leave you to your own devices. You get weekly coaching with me. (8 sessions total). You get a private slack channel with me so you have direct access to me when you need it.

What is the difference between Style Masterclass and the Style Confidence Retreat?

Style Confidence Retreat is a 1 day online retreat held via zoom in a group setting. Style Masterclass is an exclusive 1:1 eight week course.

You'll Shop for Me? What does that mean?

I take the guess work out of where to shop, what to buy, and how to put an outfit together. I create a custom virtual shopping experience for each Style Masterclass Student. You get a personal shopping site that will include: Up to 8 individual Bras & Undies recommendations and 2 outfit looks. You can decide what to purchase and when. Each client is responsible for the cost of the clothes.