I help
love and dress
the body
they are in.

  1. You have 3-4 sizes in your closet.
  2. You feel like nothing fits your body anymore.
  3. You feel like you need to lose weight to feel confident.
  4. You have getting ready drama every damn morning.

If that’s you, then welcome home my darling.

    I totally understand because I have been there. During and after law school, my weight fluctuated 60-80 pounds up and down. None of my clothes fit no matter how many sizes seemed to be in my closet. I remember sitting on the edge of my bed in my undies staring at the closet. Everything felt so freaking hopeless.
    I have walked in your literal shoes and too tight pants. I can help get you from frustrated on the edge of your bed to feeling better. From feeling better to confident AF.
    I have taken dozens of women through my program, where I teach them to love and dress the body they are in without needing to lose weight or buy a bunch of subscription box clothes that don’t fit their style. I help women get off the edge of their bed crying in their undies into clothes that fit. No more feeling uncomfortable all day in undies that creep and a bra that is falling apart. You can finally skip all of the getting ready drama in the morning. You can approach each day in stylish clothes that fit so you can go conquer and slay.
    If you have never worked with a Style Coach or a certified life coach, don’t worry no need to be anxious. Let’s take this 1 step at a time and get to know each other before we talk undies.
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What other clients have said?

Judith has been amazing in helping me build confidence and acceptance of my body before, during, and after pregnancy. Before Judith, I had pretty much given up on shopping for clothes. With her help, I've developed a post-baby style that goes beyond basic and has me feeling confident on date nights and work trips. She's helped me find supporting garments that keep me comfortable and made it fun to find pieces I feel great in again. Judith is so great at shining a light on the thought patterns holding us back and helping me find a way forward that works for me. Her wisdom and realness make getting coaching fun. I always come away feeling ready to take the next step forward.
Business coach and therapist
Judith is my spiritual glam advisor.
Manager, lienresolution specialist
"Judith's methodology and workbooks are tools for action and success"
laboratory scientist

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