I will teach you
to love your body
after weight loss.

Getting Started

Most people don’t realize that you can work hard to lose the weight and look so good, and STILL FEEL FAT. I’ve been there and with this free five day training, I will teach you how to stop hating your body during your weight loss journey.

Are you ready to get one on one daily hugs and a little kick in the pants? (Psst…no more weight loss is required.)

You can feel good.
You can love your body during weight loss.
You can have everything you hoped for you when you decided to lose the weight.

In the free five day course, you will learn to finally love you body.

No weird woo-woo conversations with strangers at a weight loss support group. We don’t do unicorns and rainbows here. We do what actually works to get you feeling better. Your big sister, coach, friend, glam squad all in one is here for you on the regular. No more waiting for a once a week meeting to get encouraged. No more waiting to lose all of the weight. 

Start with the free coaching course, where you’ll get daily emails and a workbook to walk you through how to feel better right now. No more waiting for some day or some weight to love your body.

Some day starts right now.

What other clients have said?

Judith has been amazing in helping me build confidence and acceptance of my body before, during, and after pregnancy. Before Judith, I had pretty much given up on shopping for clothes. With her help, I've developed a post-baby style that goes beyond basic and has me feeling confident on date nights and work trips. She's helped me find supporting garments that keep me comfortable and made it fun to find pieces I feel great in again. Judith is so great at shining a light on the thought patterns holding us back and helping me find a way forward that works for me. Her wisdom and realness make getting coaching fun. I always come away feeling ready to take the next step forward.
Business coach and therapist
Judith is my spiritual glam advisor.
Manager, lienresolution specialist
"Judith's methodology and workbooks are tools for action and success"
laboratory scientist

Why Take the Five Day
Body Image Makeover Course?

you can feel good

You’ve lost the weight, but still feel like crap all of the time.

you can love your new body

You’ve lost the weight, but still feel weird in your own body.

Your weight loss journey has been a long one. You don’t want to waste anymore time feeling like crap about yourself. You want to finally look and feel good like you were promised. You can learn all of the above. Take the free course. Let’s finish your makeover story.