I help
love and dress
the body
they are in.

  1. You have 3-4 sizes in your closet.
  2. You try on 20 different things each day, but never feel put together.
  3. You think you need to lose weight to feel confident.
  4. You run around in your undies every morning trying to find clean clothes that fit.

If that’s you, then welcome home my darling.

I have totally been in your shoes and too tight pants. During and after law school, my weight fluctuated 60-80 pounds up and down. None of my clothes fit no matter how many sizes seemed to be in my closet.  Everything felt hopeless. I can help you get from hopeless to confident AF.

If you have never worked with a Style Coach or a certified life coach, don’t worry. Let’s take this 1 step at a time and before you know it we will be talking undies.

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