Work With Me

8-week style & coaching program

for the woman who has figured out her career but not her closet

You want to own the rooms you walk into (zoom and in real life). You want to advocate for yourself, clients, colleagues, and other women who are underrepresented in the “big rooms.”

BUT, you don’t feel the part because you aren’t dressing with that “Own the room and command more” energy. I get it.

Its tough being the brains and being told not to worry about the beauty or style stuff, while also wanting your outsides to reflect the brilliance you have on the inside.

In the 8 week program we take brilliant career oriented high-achievers through a simple makeover process that gives them:

1. Confidence & Style

2. A closet full of clothes that fit
3. The ability to put together outfits effortlessly
4. A getting ready routine without any drama

And of most import–That own the room & command more energy.

photo shoot styling


Want website photos that match your style & branding? Don’t even know what those are? I’ve got you covered. During our time together, you’ll know:
  • What to wear
  • How to pose & what to do with those pesky hands
  • How to select the best photos to captivate your audience
So many people get their first impression of you from your website. Make sure you’re leaving them speechless. What are you waiting for? Book your photo shoot styling now. Make an impression that will last a lifetime.

1:1 life coaching

FOR the WOMAN WHO WANTS private coaching on her schedule

Get on the wait list for when an opening becomes available. I will send you periodic emails with relevant information, podcast guides, and other free resources while you wait.

modern charm school


An online women’s social club dedicated to women legacy builders who are ready to have up-leveled conversations around style, commanding more, and creating wealth. The community will host exclusive classes, workshops, and retreats exclusive to its members. Stay tuned for email updates.