Style Coaching for Curvy Women With Miss J



Miss J is so much more than a purveyor of fashion tips. She is an advocate, a safe place, and a genius coach who helped me find the confidence to create and live life on my own terms.

Sitting on the edge of my bed belly out in tears...

That’s where I was right before an important meeting. My “good pants” no longer fit and I had a closet full of clothes that just weren’t good enough. I had a big bold beautiful brain. I had reached this amazing place of success and couldn’t find a pair of friggin’ pants.

Sound Familiar?

You are fierce and confident when it comes to WHAT you do, but not in HOW you show up to do it. You don’t look the part. You don’t feel the part. Impostor syndrome is one thing, but then your pants not fitting seals the self doubt. I feel you boo.

I can help you find pants that fit, conquer that impostor syndrome & show up ready to slay any meeting.

The Motto

I believe confident women leave legacies.
I teach women to look stylish and feel confident so they can show up ready to fulfill their purpose.

Hi, I'm Miss J

I believe that you deserve to have that magic moment in the mirror where you are transformed. That moment when you feel SO confident and SO stylish you can’t help but take a second look at yourself. You feel so good you even do a hip pop, hair toss, and give yourself a wink.

I’m a personal stylist, certified life coach,  and lawyer.  I am your professor of glam and elegance, also known as a Style Coach. I can help you have that magic moment too.  

I’m a fellow lady entrepreneur, I’ve walked in your shoes and know your struggles. As a lawyer, I’ve negotiated six and seven figure deals. As a style coach, I help women have total transformations through my Style Masterclass course. As an author, I teach women about business, etiquette, and beauty from a modern perspective. I wrote “How to be a F*cking Lady: A Modern Guide to Being Charming & Fierce AF.”  I believe confident women can be feminine & fierce AF. Confident women leave legacies. Let’s build that legacy together. Lezzgo.

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