Bra Workshop

Busy high-achieving women deserve to spend their day distraction free in a bra that fits. With this workshop learn to fit, pick, and create a bra wardrobe that supports you.


This workshop is for the woman who doesn’t want to spend her free time going bra shopping. She has the career or the business, but she struggles to feel like her wardrobe has caught up with her success. 

If you’ve had a bad bra fitting experience, you’re not alone. They happen to the smartest and toughest women I know. And, nobody really talks about it. 

So this workshop is especially for the woman who:

  • Has more important things to do than mess with an ill-fitting bra 
  • Has been shamed by a bra fitter in the past (Yes, love I’ve heard some horror stories)
  • Did the fitting, but no stores carry her size (This applies to my large and small chested clients)
  • Felt pushed into buying uncomfortable bras in the store, only to go home without getting what they actually needed
  • Bought the department store bras but never wore them (Yup, they’ve still got tags on!)

This WORKSHOP has two goals:

1. Learn to fit a bra yourself, develop a different relationship with your breasts, and to show you how to create a bra wardrobe that fits your body and lifestyle.

2. Learn to have more assertive conversations with a bra fitter or sales person in the future.

This is a virtual bra fitting experience without the embarrassment, shame or trip to the mall. You can find the bra you should be wearing in your size. AND, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home.


The problems with a bad fitting bra

  • The physical discomfort of being pinched, squished, and itchy in a bad bra
  • Clothes look lumpy
  • You appear older, larger, and less put together than you’d like
  • The ongoing annoyance and frustration with having to pull up straps or pull down bands
  • Constantly fidgeting to wiggle your breasts back into the too small or gaping cups

Why this matters?

It is very hard to be confident when you are physically uncomfortable in a bad bra. It is even harder to command a room (zoom or in real life) when you are constantly fidgeting. This adds up to your outward appearance not reflecting your inner competence.

A bra that fits is a small change. That small change can make all the difference in how you look & feel about yourself. Look better, feel better. Show up to your work with distraction free confidence.

A small change with a simple solution. Sign up for the Bra Workshop

Bra Fitting 101
Bra History and Your Personal Bra Story
Breast Confidence
How to Create a Bra Wardrobe

Bra Types
Where to Shop
What to Buy

This is a recording of a previously live class. You will be able to watch the training over and over again, especially as your breasts change over time.


Will there be a replay?

Yup, we’ve got you. Once you sign up, you will get access to the workshop site, the workbook, resource guide, and the pre-recorded workshop are all waiting for you.

Can't I just go to the department store or bra store and get this for free?

Yes, you can. But you haven’t. That’s who this class is for. The women who know that service is available, but have not gone due to (1) Bad Fitting Experiences (2) Embarrassment or shyness (3) The stores don’t carry their size.

What if I had a mastectomy? Can you help?

First, I want to send you some love for what you have gone through.  The class does offer coaching on developing a new relationship with your breasts which many survivors have found helpful. Mastectomy bra fitting is a specialized skill and one I have not honed. This workshop does not address the special fitting issues that come with a mastectomy. I recommend reaching out to your local Cancer Society for a mastectomy or breast cancer bra fitter.

Why is it $47?

Just go to your closet, how many bad bras do you have piled up? How many have tags left on? I want to make sure women don’t waste another dime on a bad bra. In this workshop I teach bras 101 and coach you on (1) Changing your history with your breasts (2) How to create a bra wardrobe that supports your body and your lifestyle. The workshop is less than the price of a good bra and is for women who don’t want to repeat another bad bra shopping experience.

Finding a good bra doesn't have to be so hard.
You can Feel Better & Look Better
for less than the price of a Good Bra.