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This week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast is about how you may not be lacking motivation to get ready every morning. You may not have a motivation problem, you may just need to clean your room. If you are running around every morning gathering your beauty products and clothes, then this week’s podcast …

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Why It’s ok to suck at style

When did style stop being fun?

This week’s podcast episode is all about one of my favorite coaching tools. I teach you all about asking yourself better questions. I talk about my top five favorite fabulous questions. So many of my glam gals ask themselves shitty questions so they get shitty answers. They ask why am I so fat? Or they …

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Did you grow up with fashion rules? Belt and shoes must match? Hand bags and shoes must match? Or every single bit of your outfit had to match the exact shade of blue? My moms only semi rule was (loosely translated into English) “Get Chu-ching.” Chu-ching is like getting prettied up. (Hi mom if you …

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Time to cleanout that Time Travelling Closet!

I am so guilty of keeping janky t-shirts too. I used to have drawers full of them, especially the free schwag tees that I convinced myself were full of memories. Sound familiar? I used to keep all of the t-shirts stored all over the house too. My drawers were full, stacked on top of my …

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On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal podcast, we discuss: 1. How quitting slows you down 2. How little quits on your self care add up over time 3. How little acts of self care also add up  4. How to focus on becoming your future fabulous self as the motivation to overcome …

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We are works of art. Our clothing can be works of art. Our wardrobe can be elevated to a work of art. We can apply the same skills as a museum curator if we choose to apply the same thought process.