Modern Charm

A private online social club dedicated to high-achieving women who want to learn more about style, generating wealth, leadership, and leaving a legacy.

We do STYLE.
We create WEALTH.
We lead with GUMPTION.
We leave LEGACIES.

the motto


At The Modern Charm School we believe in updating traditional charm school subjects so that they reflect the hearts, minds, and desires of modern high-achieving women.

We believe:

Style is personal and a conduit to the heart and mind of each woman

Beauty is for all women of every size, shape, color, and age.

Elocution is about how to advocate for yourself and those around you

Poise is rising up and standing tall in the face of adversity

Pluck and Gumption is about leading with initiative, determination, and courage

the pillars


We envision a world where women can earn more, take initiative, show courage, be determined, and leave a legacy all while stylishly dressed. This is the world we want to create and live in. Thus the four pillars…


Style is the first floor of the Modern Charm School. We get you dressed and ready to face the world outside of your closet. The style tools we teach apply to every pillar in an interconnected way.


When you allow yourself to show up as yourself with your style, that confidence in the closet transfers to financial literacy, wealth building, and your unique version of a luxe life.


The woman who owns her style and lives her luxe life has a secret ingredient: gumption. Gumption is a beautiful blend of initiative, determination, and courage. Learn to cultivate all three.


When you show up feeling like yourself,  living your version of a luxe life, you model Gumption for all of the women around you. You rewrite your story and change the history of the women who come after you.

Legacy builders write their own personal stories, rewrite their families’ stories, and change the direction of an entire generation. Join a community of legacy builders.

What story will you write, rewrite, and leave behind?

hi i'm judith gaton

about me

I craved more than the usual conversations about style and wealth, so I created a space for women like me AND YOU.

I am a smart cookie (Doctorate, Master Certifications, Author, Fashion Design Degree…) My clients are smart cookies. They are diverse, hilarious, and are so much more than fruit shapes. (You are not a damn apple or pear!)

That’s why I created Modern Charm School. So the smart cookies could talk about style in an elevated way, AND about the things that really matter like building a legacy and having more than enough.

That is how the FOUR pillars came to be.

It was important to me that Modern Charm School have a framework that lead with style, but was so much more. In the words of my client, Dr. Matthea “It’s women that are trying to achieve bigger things and frumpy is holding them back. …This is the room where you are doing bigger things and you need to figure out the Style Part.

So here is to all of our Stylish beginnings… Join us.

member exclusives

What you get when you join the Modern Charm School

Shoppable Style Inspiration Boards

Monthly size inclusive shoppable style inspiration boards. You’ll learn what to buy and where to shop in your size so you’ll be able to put together outfits, and show up ready to slay the world outside of your closet



Join the FB community of Legacy Builders. Learn from and network with like-minded women who know that style matters, a luxe life can be achieved and enjoyed, and leading with gumption is a way of being. Come join us.

We Love to Spoil You...

Complete access to the Style Masterclass course, which has only been previously available to the 8-Week Style & Coaching Students. It contains 17 videos lessons and additional workshops designed to guide you through a makeover that lasts.

High-Touch Mentorship

Weekly  group coaching calls dedicated to the Community Monthly Challenge or
the Four Modern School Pillars.
These calls help you keep the momentum and accountability. We are a
community doers and builders on a mission to change generational
stories. We don’t consume information. We get to work.


Annual Member Gift

When you become an annual member of Modern Charm School, you’ll get a gift of 2 months of membership. The monthly price is $97 and annual membership is $997

Quarterly Deep-Dive Workshops

Quarterly Deep-Dive Group Workshops where you’ll learn about Style Trends, hear from financial experts, or learn all about how to cultivate confidence. You’ll be able to become the woman who embodies Modern Charm–stylish, wealth generating, and confidence. Here are a few of our past workshops:

Goal Setting Palooza
Fall Style Trends
Glam Camp

real Women.
real Results.

Modern Charm School is brand new, but here is what clients have had to say about working with Judith.

When I took care of myself, my business skyrocketed.

“I was always putting off going to my closet and putting off the big style makeover until I hit the…next goal. You can get there faster when you take care of yourself first…You are worth feeling so comfortable in your body that you can then exponentially grow who you are and going after those goals. We do the makeover before you hit the goal because you show up so much better for yourself and for your life when you love who you are. Don’t wait for the right size, right thing, the right place, invest in yourself and know it is going to be absolutely worth the investment.”

Carrie Marshall

Coach & Entrepreneur


You don't have to do it a certain way.
From yoga pants to a fabulous lounge wardrobe

“It was the little things that I didn’t even realize we were going to do that had such a huge impact.”

Jill Angie

Coach & Entrepreneur

frequently asked questions

The regular price is $97/month and $997 for Annual membership. Annual members get the gift of 2 months of coaching for free.

We hope every student is satisfied during their time with us. However, because of the nature of memberships and the amount of time, love, effort, and energy that goes into our content, we don’t offer refunds. In short, we have a no refund policy. Nor do we offer pro rata refunds. I like to put this type of information upfront and in bold so we both understand.

If there is anything you believe we could improve, email at coach@judithgaton.com.

Life happens. We get it. If you wish to cancel, you may do so at anytime by emailing Coach@judithgaton.com or canceling your membership through Kajabi. You will have access to all materials until the end of the month of your cancellation. We do not offer refunds for past months within the membership.

Style Masterclass is the name of my podcast and my 8-Week Style & Coaching Program. Both still exist. If you wish to work with me in a small group setting AND have my team shop for you personally, then the 8-Week Style & Coaching Program is for you. It is a high-touch white glove experience.

As a member of Modern Charm School you will get access to my coveted, never been out of the vault, Style Masterclass video course.

Yay! We love memberships. Modern Charm School is unlike any other membership. We actually deliver shoppable inspiration boards to our members monthly. We don’t just talk about style. WE DO STYLE.

We also have an approach unlike any other in that we are focused on substantive issues like wealth, financial literacy, and creating legacy. Our focus extends far beyond aesthetics. We want our members to feel dressed to face the world outside, knowledgeable enough to live their luxe life, fueled with tools to lead with gumption, so they can leave legacies. Nobody does what we do in the way that we do it. Join us. It’s pretty f*ckin amazing.