How to Find a Bra that Fits

EP 05 – Bra Bra Ooh La La

How to Find a Bra that Fits


On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal we discuss:
3 Steps to Cleanout your Bra Drawer

  1. Put all of your bras into one giant pile
  2. Get rid of any bras that are stained, have broken straps, broken clasps, or worn out elastic
  3. Try on all of your bras. Get rid of any bras that lead to booby bubble, pinching of skin, or where your breast falls out of the bottom of the cup.

Ask yourself if the remaining bras pass the 8 point bra test.
8 point bra test for fitting and finding the perfect bra:

  1. The band should fit smoothly across your back and bust. The clasps should be on the middle setting comfortably
  2. Your nipples should not be chaffed or falling out
  3. You should be able to fit one to two fingers underneath your bra straps comfortably.
  4. Your bra cups should not gape in the front, nor should your breasts be falling outside of the cups underneath
  5. The center of the cups should lay flat against your chest.
  6. Your should not have a booby bubble at the top of your cups.
  7. Throw on a t-shirt. Do you see smoothness at the front and at the back?
  8. Jump around and lean forward. Are the girls still in place?

We often get discouraged during this process because we think thoughts that lead to giving up all hope of finding a bra that fits. We tell ourselves that no bras fit us. No stores carry our size. We resist the size we are and beat ourselves up about numbers arbitrarily assigned by manufacturers on a tag.

I want to let you know there is definitely hope. You can find a bra that fits. It at all starts with your thoughts. Start practicing thoughts like “It is possible to find a bra that fits.” or “I believe I can find a bra that fits.” You’d be surprised how you can find items that work for you and serve you better exist and are easier to find, when you believe they exist and can actually be found. So glam gal! I double dare you to think new thoughts and find a bra that fits!

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