EP 41 – An Eye For Style

You will often hear me talk about the insta-jones and social media versus real life. It is important to distinguish between the curated life you see on-line and how you choose to see your everyday life. How you choose to see everyday objects is a choice. Museum curators have this special skill. They take everyday objects and turn them into works of art. Chamber pots from the 17th century, with the right lighting, become a work of art. A snap shot of someone eating ice cream becomes a stylish influencer post on Instagram.

There is nothing special about the chamber pot, other than someone’s thoughts about it. There is nothing special about the ice cream the influencer is eating, other than someone’s thoughts about it. A curated wardrobe, or a curated life for that matter, comes down to the thoughts we choose about everyday items. 

The same logic applies to how we choose to see ourselves. We are works of art. Our clothing can be works of art. Our wardrobe can be elevated to a work of art. We can apply the same skills as a museum curator if we choose to apply the same thought process.

On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we discuss:

1. Having an eye for style

2. How we see curated images everywhere

3. Museum curators, chamber pots, and how everyday objects become works of art

4. How to start viewing yourself as a work of art
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