EP 112 Online Sales Shopping

On this week’s episode of the style masterclass podcast, we are talking about shopping online sales. The season of online sales shopping is upon us and if you live in the United States Black Friday is around the corner. As always, I want all of my listeners to go in with an intelligent shopping plan.

I want to distinguish an intelligent shopping plan from a rigid set of rules that you set for yourself. A rigid set of rules tells you what you can and cannot do as if you were a toddler that needs to be bossed around. An intelligent shopping list gives you the freedom to make a plan in advance with your ultimate well-being in mind. Intelligent shopping list factors in your budget, if actors in what you need, what you want, and as an added bonus a list that is dedicated to whatever the hell you want is because you damn well please. An intelligent shopping list leaves room for fun and joy. If you feel yourself making a shopping plan, but it feels more like rules and regulations without any of the fun then I want you to employ my methodology for navigating online shopping sales.

1. The need list 

This list is dedicated to items you have decided you need after actually going through the items you already own. Online sales are the perfect opportunity to fill in any gaps in your wardrobe. They provide a great opportunity to replace items that have been worn out, but you know they are your tried-and-true favorites. Before you make any list edit your closet, meaning go through it and remove anything that is worn out, how old, or is just generally janky. This will help you establish a true list of needs as opposed to you using the words need and want interchangeably they are two different things. If your undies and bras have gotten to a place of janky then before you buy any other items of clothing I would highly recommend you start here

2. The want list

The one list is just like it sounds. It is a list of items you want. You don’t have to justify your purchases by calling them something you need, when the truth is more likely that you don’t particularly need anything but there are items you want. Are you going to allow yourself the fun and pleasure of having a long want list without having to justify anything on that list as an absolute need.

3. The because I damn well please list

This list is the catch-all. So many of my clients are concerned with purchasing for their children, friends, and family that they never make it on their own list. The couch everyone else has items as needs. They feel guilty about putting anything that they want on their want list. So I have this third category especially for them. It is a category which requires no justification, no excuses, and no explanation. This list is simply because you damn well please. In case you needed a permission slip to have a list called because you damn well please, here is your permission slip. 

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