EP 29 – Personal Style

In this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we talk about personal style. So many of my clients come to me and tell me that they have no personal style or they don’t know what their personal style is. A lot of women will look to Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, or other external sources to determine what their personal style. They want a label–boho, chic, classic. They want to know what kind of “fruit” they are in order to determine their body shape–pear, apple, etc…

I want to encourage all of you glam gals to stop looking for some external source to tell you about yourself. Stop looking to social media to define your personal style. Fashion is external and is all about trends. Style is personal and comes from within. The question is not, “what is my personal style.” First, realize you already have a personal style. What are you wearing today, yesterday, and the day before. Your accumulated outfits over time creates your personal style.

The better question to ask yourself is “Do you like your personal style?” Here is an example of the work I take my clients through. Ask:

  1. Do I like what I’m wearing?
  2. Do I like what I wore yesterday?
  3. What are my favorite colors, styles, silhouettes?
  4. What do I dislike?
  5. What outfit do I feel the best in?

Your style homework is start asking yourself when you get dressed in the morning, “How do I want to feel?” Start dressing yourself with the idea of cultivating positive emotion. Your style will then emerge. Want to feel confident? Want to feel glamorous? Like a boss? Then start to dress accordingly. Start to wear outfits that help bolster the emotions that you want to create.

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