EP 30 – Hopes, Dreams, and Loose Skin

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In this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast , we discuss hopes, dreams, aspirations and loose skin. All women undergo some bodily changes over time. I firmly believe all women are amazing creatures. My goal is to get my clients to believe that too.

A lot of my clients come to me post weight loss or post bodily change and deal with loose skin. The loose skin becomes a perceived obstacle to becoming stylish and confident. When you make loose skin “the enemy” and start calling it “excess skin,” then you start to look at it as something that needs to be “dealt with.” Then you start thinking thoughts that lead to a cycle of being stuck in a pattern of self loathing and mean girl behavior.

My drama teacher used to always ask us what our hopes dreams and aspirations were at the end of each dress rehearsal. It was a way to give us notes on where we could improve our ongoing performance and decide how we wanted to show up or what we wanted to create. Never once did he say we were not permitted to perform because the weight, shape, and size of our body. It would be ludicrous for an actor to refuse to take the stage because of loose skin or some other bodily reason. Yet, we use our bodies as an obstacle to achieving what we want or showing up in the world.

Instead I invite you to start asking yourself the following:

  1. What are your hopes, dreams, and aspirations?
  2. What excuses are you using to not show up fully?
  3. How do you want to show up on stage? in the world? in this one life?
  4. How can you turn those excuses, however justified, into strategy for improving your next performance?

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