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Body Posi

EPISODE RECAP On this week’s episode of the Modern Vintage with Miss J Podcast, we discuss vintage style not vintage values. We are all given beauty and fashion advice from the external world around us. The question is do we want to keep believing, repeating, and following that vintage and rules? This week I give …


On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we talk about getting rid of clothes that don’t fit. Whether your clothes are too big or too small, this week’s episode walks you: -Questions to ask yourself before getting rid of your clothes -Questions to ask yourself before deciding to hang onto clothes -Why …

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On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, I am talking about a common phrase I hear my glam gals say “I can’t pull that off” or some variation of this phrase. The problem with this phrase is that it often carries an underlying assumption that certain “kind of women” are born with …

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How to Layer Spanx

It has been a minute glam gals. I’ve actually missed talking to you all, but I have been cooking up some amazingness for all of you and I cannot wait to share it. But before we get into that…(psst Webinar on 11/22/19) Let’s talk about this week’s podcast episode and a realization I had this …

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How to love yourself an eyelash at time

Why It’s ok to suck at style

This week’s podcast episode is all about one of my favorite coaching tools. I teach you all about asking yourself better questions. I talk about my top five favorite fabulous questions. So many of my glam gals ask themselves shitty questions so they get shitty answers. They ask why am I so fat? Or they …

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What if you believed that you are 100% beautiful, what would you do? How would you dress? Check out this week’s episode if you struggle with “I don’t feel beautiful.”

How to turn around an “I feel fat” day.