EP 34 – Getting Ready for Work

Ugh! Getting ready for work in the morning…ugh! Am I right?

Well, it doesn’t have to totally suck. I promise.

This week I am teaching the Rule of 3 and how it benefits you to constrain your outfit options, hair do, and beauty routine down to three options. We tell ourselves we don’t plan because we like to keep our options open, but the truth is its causing overwhelm. You are creating your own drama every morning by giving yourself too many open ended options.

Instead, I recommend you constrain your options as follows:
1. 3 GO TO Outfits. They fit, you like them, and you always keep them ready. These should be cleaned immediately after use so they are always available to you.
2. 3 GO TO Hair Dos. I have a wet hair, top bun, and more pizzazz go to looks that I have at the ready depending on what is happening and how well I planned (or didn’t) the night before.
3. 3 Beauty routines. I have a 2 minute, 10 minute, and 30 minutes routine ready to roll. Again, depending upon how well I planned the night before.

This rule of three cuts out on all of the getting ready for work drama. It frees you up to go worry about important ish, like work your fam, your partner.

On this week’s episode we talk about:
-Bloomingdales and the tempting choice of 100 items on a table
-Constraining to the Rule of 3
-How your Tallulah brain will rebel
-Why endless options are never a good choice
-Why constraint is the way forward.



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