Introductory Episode: Why Style Matters

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Style matters because it is an outward reflection of an inward state of being. For most women their day begins with either getting dressed or rolling out of bed wearing the same thing that they went to bed in. Even in a split second, we are making decisions about what we wear based upon thoughts we are currently having about ourselves, our day, and the people we will encounter.

Each outfit is a choice that began with a thought in our minds. For example, a woman wakes up and has to go to work. She thinks about what kind of work she will have to do and what kind of meetings she will have. She may or may not have some sort of feeling about that. For most of my clients it’s usually negative. There is anxiety and dread. Sometimes there’s a lot of frustration. These thoughts and feelings and form their choice about their outfits. On a confident day you may choose a little bit of a sassier suit. On a less confident day it’s anything that’s clean and matches to get you the hell out the house. Your result is an outfit and eventually a style that you may or may not like.

The same is true for my mom clients, whether they plan to stay in yoga pants all day or put on jeans. It all starts with their thoughts and feelings about themselves and about how they intend to spend their day.

Can I let you in on a little secret? This really is how all the results in your life that you currently have came to be. You take action based on how you are feeling.  Feelings are generated by your thoughts. Thoughts  are a result of your response to a circumstance in your life. Your clothes say a lot about how you are thinking and feeling. Over time each individual outfit choice creates your overall style. What is your current style saying about you? About your life? Your body?

Women’s bodies ebb and flow throughout different periods of their lives. Their body parts also shift throughout their life. How you choose to think and feel about that again will affect what you choose to wear everyday. I know how frustrating it can be when a pair of jeans fit last year, but no longer fit the way they used to or at all. It can be so frustrating when your favorite pair of undies finally gives up The Ghost and the elastic is shot. I have completely been there when your favorite bra is destroyed in the washing machine and the hook and eye is a mangled tortured mess. What you choose to think, fee,  and do about these life circumstances creates your overall sense of style.

Style matters because it really is an outward expression of accumulated choices over time. Choices that were made as a result of the thoughts and feelings you had about yourself and your life. Do you like the thoughts you’re thinking? Do you like the results and the style that you have created?

Here is the good news! Your style, the way you feel, and way you think are all choices. With some work and the help of a style professor, I can teach you how to think new thoughts feel and feelings, and eventually create a style that you love. If you’d like to explore these questions further or if I’ve just blown your mind and you want someone to bounce some ideas off of please feel free to click on the link below. I offer freestyle sessions to women who are curious about this kind of work  and want to create lasting style. Want to be free from dressing room drama? I help women have smoother mornings and stylish evenings. It all starts with your thoughts and your feelings. Are you in?

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