EP 32 – Self Love For Realsies

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This week’s episode is all about Self Love…for realsies! During Valentine’s Day and the whole month of February there is a lot of marketing geared towards love. The marketing promises you that if only you purchased the right journal, bubble, bath, chocolates, or some other item, then you will definitely feel LOVE.

This is a fundamental human need, to feel loved. However, love does not come from purchasing an item. We cannot generate a feeling of love for ourselves by purchasing something. We can only generate a feeling of love with the thoughts that we think. Love is mindset first. Loving actions then follow.

Second, in this week’s episode, we discuss how self love takes work. We have to work on thinking loving thoughts. If you have felt self loathing and self hatred for a long time, this can seem like a very daunting and unbelievable task. So I am encouraging you all to think of self love as a continuum or the last rung on a set of monkey bars.

Your start with the next tiny thought to get you down the monkey bars. One rung at a time. Start with thoughts like:

  1. I have a body
  2. I have a human body
  3. This is a human stomach (insert body part)
  4. I am grateful for this body
  5. I will take care of this body
  6. It is possible to love this body
  7. I love this body

Practice each stop and imagine you are working your way across the self love monkey bars. If you need help getting from self loathing to self love, sign up for a Free Coaching Session. I will meet you where you are and cheer you on as you move down your own set of self love monkey bars.

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