EP 64 – When did style stop being fun?

When did style stop being fun? For so many of us, style and getting ready is this huge laborious chore that we put up with everyday. We know we need to get dressed, but UGH, the thought of it becomes like solving for world peace for some of you.

This week’s podcast episode is all about making style and getting ready fun again. When did it stop being fun for you? When did you stop making getting ready fun? When did you officially stop playing dress up?
Most people are encouraged to play dress up and I know many of my friends have an imagination play box. They encourage their children to play dress up, use their imaginations, and take on different roles.

Your closet is a grown up imagination box. You can approach it that way every time you get ready. What roles are you taking on today? Are you playing lawyer, doctor, mother, entrepreneur, church lady, and/or friend? What can you put together and in how many different combinations? You can approach getting ready the same way a child approaches an imagination box.

Getting ready is playing dress up. It can be as light hearted and fun as we want to make it. All of the benefits of playing dress up and imagination boxes still apply to your grown up brain. You still can engage your imagination. You still get the benefit of problem solving. You can generate the dress up fun anytime you want to and without buying anything new.

Getting dressed doesn’t have to be a big chore, it can feel like play time again. If you are tired of getting ready feeling like a chore, sign up for a free style session.



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