Ep 63 – The Upside of a Bad Outfit

This week’s podcast episode is all about the upside of a bad outfit. This is for my gals who have an outfit fail and decide to give up on this whole looking stylish thing. This is for my gals who are looking pretty fly on the regular and want to know how to up-level their style even one notch more. The secret sauce is to use the bad outfit days to assess your progress. A bad outfit is one of the best ways to know where you have further work to do, whether that work is on your actual wardrobe or your thoughts about yourself.

On a bad outfit day, do you immediately go back to old janky thoughts about your body? Or do you simply decide this outfit didn’t work, find out why and then move on? . A bad style day or outfit day is the real secret sauce. How do you handle those days? Comment below.

So what’s great about a bad outfit? Everything! The best time to assess what doesn’t work for you style wise and where you need to up your style game is on days where your outfit fails and you feel like crap. You will be able to gain insight that you can put to actual use one days where things just don’t seem to go right. You can ask yourself if it is time to uplevel your morning routine, beauty routine, outfits, undies, shoes, etc…We won’t know until something feels like it has gone wrong. That’s when we get to all the juicy stuff and you can uplevel your game. That kind of magic doesn’t happen when you are walking on sunshine and roses. We need those bad days to uplevel.

So assuming you believe that there could be an upside to a bad outfit, how do you asses the bad outfit in order to uplevel your style game.

Three simple questions to ask yourself

  1. What will I continue doing?
  2. What can I just stop?
  3. What can I start doing?

Let’s uplevel your style together. If you need help assessing your outfits and what to stop for next, sign up for a free consultation.



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