EP 68 – How to Layer Spanx

How to Layer Spanx or choose not to wear them at all

Ever wonder how those celebrities look so smooth and flat on the red carpet? Or how they seem to stand up so straight and tall in those crazy dresses? There really is no magical secret. They were spanx and other types of shapewear in layers. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about so I experimented with 10 different types of shapewear in different combinations.

On this week’s podcast, I share my top five tips on layering spanx and other types of shapewear. Ultimately always remember you can always choose to wear ONE or NONE. 

I learned the following:

  1. Choose the correct type of shapewear for the dress and the other undergarments you will be wearing.
  2. Choose the right size
  3. The smaller sized shapewear goes on first, then the other layers for smoothing
  4. Keeping your skin dry helps you to roll everything off and on.
  5. Wiggle around to make sure the shapewear settles into all of your creases so you aren’t pinching your fat.

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