EP 67 Visible Belly Outline

It has been a minute glam gals. I’ve actually missed talking to you all, but I have been cooking up some amazingness for all of you and I cannot wait to share it. But before we get into that…(psst Webinar on 11/22/19)

Let’s talk about this week’s podcast episode and a realization I had this weekend. I am a fluffy gal. I have a belly and curves. I am not flat or smooth unaided by the use of shapewear or spanx. I’ve also been photographed a lot lately which definitely accentuates all of my lovely lady lumps and bumps, especially my visible belly outline. Sometimes we stylist can get a little wrapped up in the quest for smoothness, that we forget that the goal is to love and dress the body you are in. Your Miss J forgot that too.

So this is part confession and part showing you that I am human too and still working on all of my own ish as I teach you all the tools I learn along the way.

My darling glam gal are you covering up your belly? Are you trying to spanx your way out of a visible belly outline? Are you using clothes to hide your belly? Now, I’m not suggesting we all run around in crop tops. Unless you want to and you should always do you boo. BUT…what I am suggesting you do is to become more aware of those moments when you are attempting to hide and cover up your belly and why?

If you like your reasons, then go forth and slay. But if it is because you are ashamed of your belly or think you “should” have a flat and smooth tummy, then I want you to do some mindset homework. Your body has natural curves and roundness, it is part of being a woman. Your body “shouldn’t” be anyway other than it is. That is real style. Embracing yourself just as you are and dressing your current body beautiful. Without or with the spanx.

Stay tuned for this week’s episode as we talk about visible belly outlines.

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