EP 66 – How to love yourself an eyelash at a time

Hey Glam Gals! I am so excited to bring to you a new way of approaching this whole self love thing. In my free body image makeover course, I teach women how to start loving their body by choosing one believable thought at a time. That is definitely not going away.

But what I have noticed in working with you all of you lovely gals is that convincing you that you can love your WHOLE body may be a bit of a tough sell. This is especially true for my gals who struggle with BDD.

So here is what I am proposing. Let’s not even start trying to worry about your whole body. You eat a whole pie, one bite at a time. That’s how we are going to approach this whole self love thing. Let’s not worry about the whole damn pie. First let’s taste it, smell it, hold it in our hands. Teeny tiny bits at a time.

Same is true of your body. Let’s not worry about loving your WHOLE body right this minute. Let’s start one eyelash at a time. If you are struggling with picking at your body and nitpicking everything you see in the mirror, you can end the war in your head. Sign up for a free coaching session.

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