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Ep 72 – Holiday Party Confidence

On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we are going over in detail my five step plan to Holiday Party Confidence. This is both mindset and practical step by step tips to help you get through any social gathering with grace and pizzazz.

No more wondering what to say, how to stand, or what to wear. Episode 71 on How to Find a Holiday Party Dress has you covered in the style department. This week’s episode 72, will walk you through how to feel confident at holiday parties.

Here are the five easy steps:
1. Outfit check for style & comfort
2. Pre-game with an amazing party playlist
3. Breathe and adjust your body language
4. Go in with a conversation plan
5. Give yourself the gift of a timeout

This five step plan to get you through holiday parties works for any social events you have coming up this year. 

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