EP 102 – I Hate Shopping


This week’s episode is for the woman who hates shopping. I have so many of my style masterclass clients come to me with a hatred for shopping. Usually it’s because they have had a very negative shopping experience. I mean, raise your hand if you can relate to the pushy sales woman who doesn’t listen to anything you have to say. The judgey saleswoman, who has lots of comments about your size and your body shape. There there is over-helpful sales woman who is so desperate for sale that she gives you anything and everything without a thought or concern for what you actually like. I know so many have been there, including myself.

This week I want to arm you with some tips so that you can be a better advocate for yourself when you go shopping. I also want to make shopping as painless as possible. My best advice, is to get a personal stylist who will pull things for you even a virtual styling session. I offer the service to my clients because I know a lot of you really hate shopping and have better things to do with your time. If you are more of a DIY girl, then this week’s episode is for you.

1. Edit your closet before you go

This is the first step to my style transformation process. We have to edit out what you don’t want, don’t need, and is no longer serving you before we can intelligently shop for what you do want and need. Editing your closet will help you to see that you may have more duplicates of an item than you thought. Editing your closet will also let you know where things have gotten real janky and need replacing.

2. Find a quiet time

Plan your shopping time when the store is most likely to be fairly empty or quiet. A lot of my clients experience overwhelm when the store is too busy, or there is background music and it just too loud. The best time I recommend to go is early in the morning when the salespeople are cleaning up from last night or have other tasks to do. They will be less pushy. You can also go later on in the evening about 2 hours before closing as they have already started their breakdown process and are worried about nighttime closing activities. They will be less concerned with with being pushy. The stores are also more likely to be quiet during these time

3. Go armed with a list

Go with a list of what you actually need and what you want. Most of us don’t go grocery shopping or prepare an instacart list without an actual list of items we need, but we expect to go into a clothing store and magically have the items find us. This only leads to overwhelm especially if you already hate shopping. You are also less likely to advocate for yourself when presented with a pushy sales woman if you go in and tell them you’re browsing versus you going in and telling him specifically what you are looking for.

When you go in strong knowing what you want, the salesperson will pick up on that energy and is more likely to help you find what it is you said you want and need. They are motivated to get the sale. When you tell them you were just browsing they will hit you up with the most expensive items or try to upsell you because you indicated to that you had no plan or purpose when you walked into the store. Always go in with a plan and a purpose.

This is something I provide my style masterclass students with. I can teach you how to intelligently shop. Learn to formulate your own intelligent shopping list. Get guidance each step of the way, especially when you hate shopping.

4. Know what you like 

Let’s assume you actually need a wardrobe from the ground up. We can assume you have absolutely nothing in your wardrobe to wear. This can happen for some of my clients who’ve lost significant amount of weight or are postpartum and having fitting Issues with their regular wardrobe. I recommend that you at least know what you like even if you don’t know what you want or need. At least walk in with a sense of your own personal style and your own style convictions before you walk into a store.

Again, this makes you a better advocate for yourself when you’re approached by a salesperson. You can at least give them some guidance on what you like so that they can pull items that you actually we’re or purchase. This becomes a win-win situation where you’re helping them help you.

If you don’t know what your personal style is, then I recommend you sign up for a free style consultation Learn to find your personal style so that you have a better shopping experience next time you make the attempt on your own. I help women learn to love and dress the body they are in, even when they hate shopping. I give them specific recommendations of where to shop, what to buy, and how to put it all together.



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