Ep 103 – Banish BS Fashion Rules

Episode Recap: Banish BS Fashion Rules

This week we’re going to talk about banishing BS fashion rules. So many of my curvy style masterclass students come to me with a lot of BS fashion rules. To truly create a style you love you will need to banish all of these old rules. I believe every woman should dress and love the body she is in, but when you have a rule book telling you what you can and cannot wear it feels very difficult to break free and create a wardrobe you truly love. 

1. Allow yourself to banish BS fashion rules

So many of my clients think that if they break the rules, they will run around looking crazy. Mostly this comes from a concern about what other people will think about you if you decide not to adhere to the supposed rules about what you can and cannot wear. If we actually look at a lot of these rules, they come from body shaming and fatphobia. Fashion rules are not rooted in any reality. The sky will not fall in and there will be no apocalypse if you decide to wear neon pink tights. I don’t care what size you are or what you weigh, rules that shame you into modifying your behavior out of fear of ridicule or ostracism have no place in your head or in your heart. If you needed permission to get free, here is your permission my darling. Your beautiful body deserves beautiful clothes just as it is right now.

2. You don’t have to wear all black

Somewhere you may have adopted the belief that black was slimming. Somehow this translated to a wardrobe of mostly black clothing that you don’t particularly like or feel good in. Then they have this fear that if they wear color, people will talk about them or they will appear bigger as if this was a bad thing. You are not required to wear all black because you are curvy. Start to evaluate whether being seen as thin or skinny really is your ultimate goal in life? What a waste of beautiful energy and potential if you’re super concerned all the time with appearing thin. How about we just own your size, own your curves, and let you wild out with whatever color you want to wear. Remember our thoughts create our feelings. No amount of black clothing in the world is going to make you appear or feel more confident. You get to create confidence, no matter what you’re wearing, with the thoughts that you think about yourself.

3. You can go bold

That’s right! Not only are you not required to wear all black, you can be bold in your choices. Meaning, you are allowed to wear bold prints, bold colors, or a mix of both and go all out. There actually no rules. The only rules are the ones that you create for yourself in your head. The fashion rules you were handed down don’t actually have to be rules. All of those comments, suggestions, and rules that were given to you as a child or a teenager, we can call those suggestions and stop making them the gospel truth. So go bold, be free!

Let’s get you dressed in something you actually love and want to wear. You deserve to wear something beautifully fitted and suited to your life and your personality. If you are ready to banish BS fashion rules. You can be stylish and feel confident. I want you to sign up for the free style course called Banish BS Fashion Rules.



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