EP 104- Style for Curvy Women


On this week’s episode, I’m going to give you my top three tips for style for curvy women. None of my recommendations have to do with you going on a diet, squeezing yourself into multiple Spanx, or going on some sort of weird fast to cure belly bloat before you get into a dress. In fact, I’m not a believer in modifying your body in any way to fit into clothing. I believe that the clothing must conform to your body or it is simply not the right piece of clothing. It is important to remember as a foundation that clothes have no magical qualities or abilities. Clothes are just a pile of fabric until we have a thought about them. This is a foundational belief I would like all of my clients to adopt. It frees them from the idea that there is something they must do to their bodies in order to wear something that they want or to look stylish. That is rubbish. Your body is beautiful just as it is. It is just a matter of finding the garments that fit your personal style, lifestyle, and body.

1. Baggy Clothes vs Fitted

I recommend you wear clothing that actually fits you. A lot of times my ladies are trying to hide by wearing clothes that are too baggy for them. If you like the look and feel of baggy clothes and how you look and feel while wearing them, then go for it. However, if you are using baggy clothes as an invisibility cloak then I would remind you that you’re only drawing attention to the parts of body that you are trying to hide. Instead, I recommend always opting for clothing that actually fits you, and dare I say, maybe even wearing clothes that would feel a little fitted on your body or tighter than you would normally wear. I’m not suggesting you wear clothing that is too tight. We don’t want you to pull, tug, or fidget with all day. I am suggesting that you should experiment with wearing clothes that you might think were too tight in the past. You may come to realize these clothes just actually fit you and the issue is not your clothes but the way you think about your body.

To fit you something has to actually fit your body, which is where a tailor comes in very handy. The garment has to fit your lifestyle meaning we probably wouldn’t want you to wear an all white crisp tuxedo to provide home school for a 2 and 3 year old. The garment must also fit your personal style. Even if something happens to fit you and is on sale, if it doesn’t fit your personal style then it shouldn’t come home with you.

2. Forget About Size Tags

I have covered this topic in depth in a prior podcast episode it is important to know that sizing is all over the place. Each brand has their own way of sizing things. The size you are in one brand will likely not be the same size and another brand. This is especially important to note as a lot of plus-size brands have opted to create their own sizing systems. They have instead opted for size ranges of one two and three. This just adds to the confusion. What I recommend you do is actually measure yourself with a measuring tape. This is not to traumatize you, but it is good to get to know what your actual measurements are so that you can shop appropriately.

The second recommendation I have is after you have taken your actual measurements, request size charts when you go shopping in person or you look up the size chart online before you go shopping. That way some judgy saleslady will not have the opportunity to tell you what size she thinks you are, but you will actually know before you walk in. This will also make your dressing-room experience much better. As you will be able to take in a range of sizes that are more likely to fit you rather than relying on what size you think you are only to have that end in disappointment.

3. A Word on Jeans

There is a trend I’ve noticed in plus size jeans to have patches of discoloration and distressing in places that is not necessarily the most flattering. There’s a tendency to have whiskers across the crotch and weird faded patches right underneath the buttocks at the back of the thigh. Last time I checked with my curvy clients, the last thing they ever would want to do is to draw attention to their crotch area, thighs, or the back of their thighs. I’m not saying that you cannot wear these items. I am not saying that you should not wear these items.

However, next time you try on a pair of jeans, I recommend you take a picture of yourself in the jeans. Then look at the picture to assess whether or not you like the fit of those jeans on your body. Cameras do funny things and draw light to certain areas. It’s good to know what you actually look like in these jeans. Particularly, if you plan on taking any pictures in this outfit. That way you are not shocked when you see yourself on Facebook. You already know what you look like and decided whether to proceed forward with what you were wearing.

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