EP 28 – Tag Size and Dressing Room Drama

Remember when you first learned how to count? You were so proud of your ability to get from 1-10 and eventually 100! Nobody could tell you a dang thing about your super counting abilities and your proudly demonstrated your abilities to anyone who would listen.

If some adult tried to be funny and hand you two cookies, then proclaim it was really three. You would call shenanigans! Nobody could count like you. You assigned no special meaning to the numbers, unless somebody tried to play you.

Why as an adult woman, do you choose to assign so much meaning to a clothing tag size? It has no real power. In fact, it is a completely made up number. There is no national standard sizing. Each retailer makes up whatever number they want. Take your five year old super power…start calling shenanigans and BS on anyone who tries to convince you that a number means something about your value or your worth. Only you get to decide that!

On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we discuss:

  1. The History of retail sizing
  2. Your little kid superpower, you can count
  3. How to confidently enter any dressing room by reminding yourself of what is real
  4. How to stay curious when trying on clothes by remembering “FIT over fake numbers.”

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Reference Articles on the History of Retail Sizing:

  1. Times Article
  2. Seamwork Magazine
  3. NYTimes Article

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