EP 27 – Fresh Thoughts and Fresh Undies

Happy New Year Glam Gal! I am here to officially take the pressure off of you to create a magical unicorn “New year New You.” Instead I want you to adopt the idea of a tiny change that you can make over time. This week’s episode I turn the saying “you change your mind like you change your underwear” upside down.

Being able to change your mind as often as your underwear is a good thing. A fresh thought and a fresh pair of undies are always available to you. You always get to choose. This may seem like, duh?! But a lot of women are choosing the same old janky thoughts and undies every single day then wondering why nothing ever changes and they always feel the same.

This year, I want you to think about changing one pair at a time. Changing one old thought at a time. You may find that a year from now when you open your undies drawer, you have a drawer full of undies that serve you.

Start asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Does this serve me? (Undies or thoughts?)
  2. Does the woman I want to be a year from now still wear these old undies? Think these same old thoughts?
  3. What would the future me choose?

Stay tuned for this week’s episode where we discuss:

-Fresh Thoughts and Fresh Undies

-What your thoughts and underwear drawer have in common

-How small changes can add up over time

-How to stop trying to white knuckle your way through new years resolutions and how to change over time with compassion

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