EP 48 – Beach Ready Bodies

On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal Podcast, we are kicking off our summer beach party. All month long in June we will be discussing getting summer ready, beach ready, swimsuits, style, confidence, and of course BODY ACCEPTANCE.

In this first episode in the series, I want to make sure our mindset is right before walking into any party or event this summer. The first thing I want every woman to remember is YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE UP PUBLIC SPACE no matter your size, weight, or skin color. Summer time is fraught with stories of women being the fat girl at the pool, the fat mom at the party, the plus size woman in the one piece swimsuit. All of it has underlying beneath it is the insidious idea that you have to be certain weight or size in order to take up space in public. This is absolute BS.

In addition to this sneaky thought is the follow up behavior, women scanning the room to look for the woman who they deem to be fatter, uglier, or less attractive so they can feel okay entering a room. Conversely, women who look for the woman they deem the prettiest in the room so they know who to envy. All of the scanning the room can stop when we commit to the idea that we are all allowed to take up space.

So my darling glam gal, your mission should you choose to accept it this week is to

  1. Practice the thought: I am allowed to take up public space.
  2. Stop scanning the room to determine whether you are allowed to be in the room.
  3. (My Favorite) Start walking into any room and practice owning the skin you are in and extending that thought out into the room. Once you can fully own the size you are, the skin you are in, weight, size, etc…then you can walk into any room and there is no need for scanning or self doubt.

Let’s get you beach reach starting with your mindset and working our way to your style.

If you are one of those gals who scans the room to know if its ok for you to be at the party, then I want to you sign up a free coaching call. Let’s get you to a place where you are owning your body and any room you walk into. Let’s get it glam gal.!

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