EP 61 – Five Fabulous Questions

This week’s podcast episode is all about one of my favorite coaching tools. I teach you all about asking yourself better questions. I talk about my top five favorite fabulous questions.

So many of my glam gals ask themselves shitty questions so they get shitty answers. They ask why am I so fat? Or they ask why am I so ugly? Why can’t I ever seem to leave the house on time? Their brain will give them shitty answers. Brains are wired to answer the questions we ask. However, are brains usually don’t come up with the kindest answers. ask it and not in a kind way either. Our brains will tell us all the reasons we are fat, unworthy, and unstylish. We do this long enough and we start to believe all of the crappy things our brains tell us. We get stuck in a negative thought loop and it becomes our everyday reality.

Yup, that’s right boo boo. Ask your brain a crappy questions and you will get a crappy answers. How do I know our brains are wired to answer the questions we ask it? Ever have someone ask you what song was playing? You remember the melody, but the not lyrics. Your brain goes crazy looking for the answer. A few hours pass and you can still feel that low level hum of your brain working. After thinking for a few hours around midnight, ding ding ding your brain will remember! The song was…Suddenly you feel that rush of relief.

You brain is wired to answer the questions you ask it. So are you asking it good ones? Are you asking yourself things that have unkind thoughts laced into the question? What about questions that can only lead to net negative feelings and actions? Watch that Tallulah brain of yours.

You can get unstuck. Get out of that negative thought loop. Turn this whole negative thought train around. How? By asking our brains better questions. Ask a better question and you’ll get a better answer.

Five Fabulous Questions:

  1. What would fabulous do?
  2. What would my future self wear/do?
  3. Tell me how you really feel?
  4. What is the one thing I can do to make this so much better?
  5. What would I do/wear if I wasn’t worried about what other people are thinking?

Show notes:

  1. Crappy questions get you crappy answers
  2. How to get out of a negative thought loop
  3. My top five better questions to ask yourself

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