EP 03 – How to Love Your Body


Loving your body doesn’t happen once you reach some certain specific destination, like a weight size on the scale or a jean size. However, a lot of women are obsessed with getting to the perfect “after picture.” I want you to get out of waiting for a “perfect destination” before learning to love yourself. Loving your body and the skin you are in is available to you right now. No destination or perfection required. You are 100% loveable right now. Let me show you how I get my clients to this place. You can learn to love your body.
I want to outline for you to process I walk through with each of my clients when they go to style school with me.
1. Awareness
Awareness is a place to start with all mines at work. And learning to love your body requires some mindset set work. Awareness literally means thinking about your own thoughts. The first place to start is asking yourself what am I thinking about myself?
I would even encourage you to run an experiment for an entire day. Keep a small journal by you. Here are some questions to raise your awareness.
  • When you first wake up in the morning what is the first thought you have about yourself?
  • When you look in the mirror when you go to the bathroom to go pee what do you think about yourself?
  • When you get undressed so that you can jump in the shower and you see your naked bod,y what do you think about yourself?
  • When you’re in the shower with your naked body what do you think about yourself?
  • Once you get dressed and you’re picking out clothes what are you thinking about yourself?

You get the idea each step of the way ask yourself what am I thinking about myself.

For most of my clients are actually shocked about how negative their thoughts are about themselves. Most of us don’t allow ourselves to bring our thoughts to this level of awareness so we aren’t even aware of the mean things were thinking about ourselves. I encourage this process, not to discourage anyone or freak them out, but to really let them see how they are creating the certain sense of style they have right now.
2. Stop Resisting
I encourage my clients to stop resisting what currently exists. Much of the weight loss journey is an obsession with creating a new body or becoming different physically.  When we resist, we create so much self-hatred it is like we are rejecting ourselves just a little bit every single day. If you’re not aware of what you’re thinking, you may not even be aware of how much you are resisting your current body and its current form. Instead look in the mirror and find out what is at least okay about yourself.
3. Look at Natural Bodies
I’m not encouraging that you look at anything pornographic or something you are uncomfortable with. However I do find it helpful to have my clients look at images of real women that have not been airbrushed and in their natural form. You don’t even have to look anything up on the internet, just consider the natural forms of the women you see everyday. Sometimes it is discouraging to see so many airbrushed filtered images on Instagram and Pinterest. That’s why it’s so important to purposefully and with intention look at the real women and bodies around you. You will see how lumpy, bumpy, and curved, or sometimes straight we all actually are in reality. It’s kind of beautiful when you start to think about how magnificent women are in their natural state. After all many of us create life and deliver it into the universe. We also nurse people as they leave this world. Women are incredible!
4. Get to a Neutral Thought
Last I recommend my clients get to a neutral thought. I’m not a big fan of mantras. It’s like constantly beating yourself up mentally. Telling yourself you are beautiful when you don’t believe it over and over again only reminds you of how ugly you think you are. This is very very unhelpful. Instead I encourage you to state the very basic facts about your body start with:
  • You have a body.
  • You have a body that works.
  • You have a body that works pretty wonderfully.
  • You can list certain parts of your body that work. You can see. You can smell. You can taste. You can love. You can embrace. You can hold a hand. Think of all those little nuanced things that you do everyday that are actually pretty amazing. I’m not asking you to believe immediately that you are a lady boss badass. However after some time with me we may get you there.

Start with basic neutral facts. What can you believe and celebrate about yourself right now as you are.

If you need some help with this work. Please feel free to contact me for a freestyle session. Practice for a day. If you feel stuck anywhere or have some questions sign up for a free session. I can go over any questions you have. I can offer you some new thoughts to try on and practice. Free help is available.
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