Cleanout your undies drawer

EP 04 – A Peek Inside the Undies Drawer

Cleanout your undies drawer


One of the best ways I put together the style and confidence work I do with my client’s is with their first practical assignment. They clean out their undies drawer. Usually some mental drama ensues. I hear all kinds of reasons from my clients as to why they refuse to throw out their old under garments.  For example, “I am saving them for a special occasion… these are my period panties…No one is going to see them.” Have you said any of the above, when it comes time to clean out your undies drawer? Over time have you ended up with a drawer of ragged, worn thin, period panties? It is all just underwear until we have a thought about it. So what are your thoughts about your undies drawer?

You deserve new undies

I know this may be hard to hear, but you really do deserve new undies. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Health concerns: Undies sit right next to your lady parts. If they don’t fit, it can lead to all sorts of hygienic problems like yeast infections.
  2. Discomfort: Undies are supposed to fit comfortably. Wedgies, crawlers, and butt munchers should not be everyday occurrences.
  3. Smoothness: Ever put on your favorite outfit only to see how ill fitting your undies are underneath. You look more lumpy and bumpy than you are in reality because your undies are not sitting against your body the way they should. You are physically uncomfortable which can cause all kinds of negative thinking. The key to rocking any cute outfit is starting with foundation garments that actually fit you.
  4. Who sees them? YOU DO!! You are going to see your undies! What you see, think, and feel matters! Especially since you are the one wearing the undies. Your opinion matters the most.
  5. NO size restrictions on pretty undies. I don’t care how big, small, short, tall, thin, or fluffy you are. Every gal deserves pretty undies. There are more options than ever whatever size you are and at just about every price point!

How to Clean Out Your Undies Drawer

Here are the four steps to cleaning our your undies drawer. It is an easy how to:

  1. Grab all of your undies and put them in a pile.
  2. The first round of pairing down the pile is to throw away any pairs that are stained, have holes, or have wonky elastic.
  3. Try on all of the remaining panties
  4. The second round of pairing down the pile is to throw away any pairs that don’t fit. Whether they are too big or too small or just feel weird. Buh-bye!

Common Fitting Problems

Here are some common fitting problems my clients encounter and what to look for when buying your next pair of panties.

  1. Cutting into your thighs: Your undies should lay flush against your leg. If not, look for a bigger size, higher cut thigh, or seamless without elastic around the leg holes.
  2. Kangaroo pouch: Undies shouldn’t cut into you across your stomach. Your tummy shouldn’t hang over your underwear. I suggest you size up, go seamless, or try vintage style underwear that typically have a higher rise in the waist with three panels in the front for stomach support.
  3. Wedgies: Your undies should sit flush against your skin and not creep. Look for full booty coverage, or a thong that sits wider at the top so it stays in place.
  4. Workout funk: It happens to most ladies who work out. Their regular laundry detergent doesn’t quite get out the body odors from working out. There are different detergents on the market for just this issue. You can switch to breathable fabrics like cotton. Moisture wicking fabrics are nice with the right detergent, but they also sometimes lock in undesired smells.


Here are a few of the undies I recommend to my clients. (These are not affiliate posts and I am no way compensated if you choose to purchase any of the items listed below.)

  1. Higher thick waistband for tummy and kanga support. 
  2. Thong cut wider at the top for wedgie freedom
  3. Hi-cut at the thigh so your thighs aren’t being choked by elastic
  4. Generally for a great selection of undies and bras, I go to Herroom.com
  5. Pretty plus-size options from Cacique
  6. Post work-out detergent options: Downey, Downey Sport Odor Defense, Defunkify

Mindset Work

If you are experiencing some drama around cleaning out your undies drawer, then here is the mindset component of this practical task.

  1. Do a thought download. Take five minutes to free write all of the thoughts you are thinking about this task.
  2. Ask yourself: What thought am I thinking? How am I feeling? What am I currently doing? What have I done in the past? What results did I get…what does my undies drawer currently look like? How do I want it to look? Why am I being drama about this or that particular pair of undies

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