EP 52 – I Feel Fat

What to do when I feel fat? How do I turn around fat days? What do I do when I have lost weight, but I still feel fat?

These are common questions I get from all of you. It breaks my heart every time you ask so I thought it was high time I deep dive into this question. There are a few things that are key to know about days when you say “I feel fat.”

Podcast Breakdown

  1. Fat is not a feeling. It is not an emotion. Fat is adipose tissue on your body. It is not an actual feeling in your body.
  2. It is important that you stop and identify what it really happening for you. Don’t let your brain get away with telling you “I feel fat” and then leave it there. Instead, it is super important for you to stop and assess. What am I really feeling? Did I just see myself in the mirror, in a selfie, in a photo online somewhere? Am I thinking the thought “I look fat.” Stop and assess what is really happening. Name that emotion, whether it is sad, worried, shame, doubt, rejection. Once we can call that emotion an actual name, we can learn to process it and get you some relief.
  3. Once you are able to identify what is going on for you, then you are better able to process and move through the negative emotion. Notice, I didn’t say let’s jump to a positive thought. That may only make you feel worse. Instead, I want you to process and move through whatever is actually going on for you. Reframe it, reach out for help, get some coaching. DO NOT SIT ALONE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ALONE. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!!

So my darling glam gal, listen to this week’s podcast if you find yourself frequently saying “I feel fat.” Challenge that thought and don’t sit in your negative feelings alone. Set up a free consultation. Click here to start with the free Body Image Makeover Course.

You are not alone. You are not your thoughts. I feel fat is just a thought. Let’s pick a new one together.



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