EP 53 – I don’t feel beautiful

On this week’s episode of the New Glam Gal podcast, we are continuing our month long coaching session. Last week we discussed the common phrase “I feel fat” and how to turn around those fat days. To listen to that episode, click here.

This week, we are discussing the common phrase “I don’t feel beautiful.” So many of my clients struggle with this thought daily. They are hoping and praying somebody somewhere will help them get to that magical place where they start to feel beautiful. Good news! You have the power right now to take yourself to that magical place where beauty resides. It lives within you.

This week we discuss:

  1. You are full of beauty. That’s right my darling. Your beauty tank is 100% full. There is nothing you need to do or take away to tap into that beauty. You are already full of beauty.
  2. Since you are already full of beauty, you are therefore beautiful. That’s right. You already are beautiful.
  3. From this basic premise, you are already full of beauty and beautiful, what will you do? How will you choose to show up in the world. Imagine if you really believe 1 and 2. If you believe you are beautiful, how would you dress? For most of you, if you really believed you would show up as a completely different person.

BUT, you may be waiting for permission to step into this beauty. You may be hoping someone will come along and tell you. Well, darling, here is your 100% permission to go be yourself. You have my permission to go forth and be your beautiful self.

If you struggle with believing, I totally get that. Reach out for help. Sign up for a free consultation.

To listen to this week’s episode on iTunes, click here.

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