EP 54 – “Not Good Enough”

You are good enough. 

In case you need to hear it again. You are good enough.

This can be hard to believe. Especially if you have spent your whole life thinking that you aren’t good enough. Its like having a record playing in your mind stuck on repeat “not good enough.” But what if you could turn that record off? Even if just for a moment? What a freaking relief that would be, right?!

This week’s podcast episode is all about how to turn off the “not good enough” record. We have been working on old thought patterns all month long. To check out prior episodes in the series click “I feel fat” and “I don’t feel beautiful.”

When you are in observer mode and can observe your thoughts from a distance, you actually stop thinking them for a moment. Your brain will stop the “not good enough” record from playing, when you stop and pick up that record to look at it.

To stop the record and pick it up, practice this process:
1. I am thinking the thought “I am not good enough (or insert your variation of this thought)”
2. This is just a thought I am thinking right now.
3. I am not my thoughts.

This puts you into observation mode and brings those “not good enough” thoughts captive. Rinse and repeat. This is especially helpful for my gals who are stuck in self loathing and can’t seem to break free.

The process is based upon the premise that we are not our thoughts. We create thoughts. We can reframe them, change them, and discard them. The YOU that is YOU is separate and apart from your thoughts. Know how I know? Because you can think about your thoughts. You can step back and observe them. Ever ruminate on every single bit of a conversation you had after you had it? The part of you think that can think about your thoughts and observe you in action…that part of you can separate itself from your thoughts. You are not your thoughts.

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